We fabricate non-metallic materials precisely, efficiently, and quickly. We dedicate ourselves to completing even the most simple, or the most complex, fabrication projects with equal care. Our machinery and warehouse practices minimize product waste, ensure products are fabricated to exact specifications, and enable us to complete projects with the speed that our clients’ demand.


Our commitment to quality centers on our belief that the highest quality products deserve the highest quality fabrication. Our investments in technology, and skilled technicians, allow us to fulfill this commitment while continuing to be an affordable resource for expert fabrication.

  • Die Cut
    Die Cutting
    Our efficient die cut presses give us the ability to quickly and accurately replicate materials. With both large and small presses we fabricate end-user materials from full-sheet custom panels to postage stamp sized components. Email
  • Cut, Slit, Saw
    Cutting, Slitting, Sawing
    We operate horizontal saws, vertical saws, and roll slitting equipment. The combination of the right technology with skilled technicians enables us to offer a full range of fabrication services. Our capabilities include large sheet fabrication. Email
  • Roll & Board Lamination
    Roll & Board Lamination
    Automated laminators and a hand-spray room devoted to custom projects allow us to handle both large and small orders. We keep dozens of facings in stock, including foils (1 to 4 mil.), FSK, PSA, kraft papers, vinyls, and others. Email
  • Gaskets
    Our high-speed presses for small parts, and high-tonnage presses for large parts give us the flexibility to take on a wide range of projects. We can quickly and accurately create gaskets from almost any nonmetallic material (including rubber, PVC, silicone, etc.). Email
Our Warehouse
  • Environmentally Friendly Insulation

    • Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly, SustainableWe offer LEED certified and formaldehyde free insulation materials.


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