We understand how important it is to receive materials on time. That
is why our shipping options are designed to be quick, flexible, and
reliable. We efficiently package materials for affordable shipment using
our own vehicles, or for shipment using common carriers, or for
customer pick-up.


FSI’s fleet of vehicles includes cargo vans, box trucks, and larger
semi-trailers. The diversity of our fleet allows us to offer our clients
the most appropriate shipping option for their needs.

  • Shipping
    With a fleet of vehicles at our disposal we
    offer our clients an independent, affordable, and reliable delivery
    option. Our sales associates work closely with clients to find the best
    available shipping method. Email
  • Packaging
    We take great care to carefully package
    materials, and we make a considerable effort to do so as efficiently as
    possible. We also offer compression packaging to save space and shipping
    costs. Email
  • Inventory Solutions
    Inventory Solutions
    Owning our own fleet of vehicles also makes it easier to implement KANBAN, Just-in-Time, VMI, and other inventory solutions. Email
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