We embrace challenges. Give us a blueprint or design, and we will
work with you to fabricate the appropriate materials according to the
design’s exact specifications. We take pride in being able to execute
the product customization requirements that our clients demand.


Our customized products include high-temperature curtains and paids,
removable insulating covers, encapsulated components, acoustical panels,
tank covers, and complex gaskets.

  • Sewing
    We sew products for extreme temperature
    applications from cryogenic (sub-zero) to refractory (3000° F). Common
    sewing applications include: high temperature curtains and pades, and
    removable covers for pipes, valves, etc. Email
  • Encapsulation
    Individual insulation components can be
    encapsulated to prevent fiber erosion, while also making the
    componenets friendlier to handle. Email
  • Wall Panels
    Acoustical Wall Panels
    We custom fabricate attractive
    acoustical wall panels that reduce noise without detracting from the
    appearance of your office, or lobby walls. We offer a wide range of
    fabrics and colors for use with acoustical insulation panels, and
    tackboards. Email
  • Removable Covers
    Removable Covers
    Removable covers save energy without
    wasting your time. We sew convenient and easy to remove tank covers for
    different applications and temperature ranges. Email
  • Tank Covers
    Tank Covers
    We make custom tank covers suitable for a
    wide range of temperature applications, and appropriate for indoor or
    outdoor use (capable of withstanding heat, cold, wind, rain, and snow). Email
  • Tank Covers
    Die Cutting
    We have the capacity to quickly replicate
    delicate and complicated gaskets, and other insulation materials,
    designed for specific uses. Give us a blueprint, and we will replicate
    the component for you. Email
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